Our Team

Eric Doyon

With more than 20 years of experience with medium-sized companies, whether as a senior executive, investor, or investment banker, the common element throughout his career has always been a passion for private companies in growth mode and the pleasure of collaborating with entrepreneurs looking to create long-term value.

Eric began his career at Caisse de dépôt’s private equity group, first as an analyst then as a portfolio manager where he structured and concluded several private equity investments with medium-sized businesses. He then became Senior Vice-President and Director at PwC Corporate Finance where he acted as an investment banker, assisting numerous entrepreneurs during critical transactions.

At a time when he had the opportunity to become a partner in one of the “Big 4” firms, he chose instead to make the leap to the private business world as the CFO and stakeholder at companies such as Europe’s Best and Coalision (Orage, Lolë, Paradox).

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