Our Approach

Identify and strenghten the drivers of value creation

Entrepreneur Capital acts as a controlling investor in the context of buyouts of medium-sized companies by teaming up either with the current owners, members of the management team during a management buyout, or new managers in the case of a management buy-in. Our approach includes evaluating and establishing a plan to strenghten what we consider to be the primary drivers of value creation that each company should have:

  • A motivated and talented team, capable of identifying and seizing important growth opportunities, whether internal or by acquisition.
  • Superior products or services
  • Long-term vision
  • National or international reach
  • An extensive network of contacts

Our investment criteria

We are looking for well-established, profitable companies positioned as, or with the potential to become, a leader in their sectors. We have a particular interest in companies in sectors said to be traditional with an EBITDA ranging from $3 to $8 million. We do not invest in start-ups, real estate, natural resources or sectors with long product-development cycles such as biotech firms or products with short life cycles such as consumer electronics.

Our complementary services

In addition to our core buyout activities, we assist the companies in our portfolio as well as certain non-related private companies with transactions such as:

  • Growth financing requiring capital stock or subordinate debt
  • Leveraged recapitalization (monetizing a substantial portion of the equity while maintaining post-transaction control)
  • Mergers and acquisitions

For more information, please contact Eric Doyon at 1 888 454-8884 or at eric@entrepreneurcapital.ca.

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